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When the Curtain calls…..

November 25, 2008


Bangalore Mirror, 24th Nov. 2008, Pg. 28

Rahul George, Posted On Sunday, November 23, 2008

How many times have you witnessed a weepy session or a flaming row and walked away saying  “Drama queen” under your breath? If you’ve done it as often as we all have, it’s time for theatre-based learning.Theatre-based learning helps individuals not only to understand human behaviour better, but also to manage it effectively. The experiential platform allows every individual to tap into their experiences and derive newer learnings from it. As it’s a group based activity, one gets to learn even from the experiences of others.Theatre is an experiential medium that opens up an individual at a physical and mental level, appealing to all his senses.Exercises in breathing and listening have helped individuals improve their communication skills tremendously. One advantage that most people who have attended such programmes feel is that they are able to listen to others better – not just hear but listen.

As Dr Daya says, “Being a doctor, I understood that theatre is a very good means to understand people. Applying subtle skills learnt during various workshops has given me better insight into my patients. I am in a better position to gauge their comfort levels, read their body language and above all make them feel comfortable, so that they can discuss their problems openly with me.”

Theatre helps individuals understand that alternative perceptions always exist when they deal with people, situations and more importantly even themselves. It makes a person aware of the subtleties of human behaviour – the finer nuances like gestures, facial expressions and body language which speak a lot in any interaction between individuals.

When applied in the workplace, individuals find it easier to assimilate concepts. Character study – an exercise in studying the role one is acting out in a play helps individuals understand different shades to a personality – when applied at the workplace it reduces the areas of conflict between co-workers to a great extent.

Ajay swears by his experiences, “My ability to respect and understand different types of characters is what I’ve banked upon in various interactions of mine with people and it is something that I use tremendously in my journey forwards both professionally and personally.”

Theatre can break barriers between individuals across the hierarchy in all organisations. As Sachin says, “I have to interact with a lot of functional experts spread across a wide variety of cross-functional and multi-cultural teams. My experiences with theatre helped me build trust with my colleagues in Germany.”

A job is a job is a job… What could make it exciting and interesting would be the people around. As a tool for learning, theatre encourages enthusiasm in working together daily.

(Rahul George is CEO & Head of Training – Join the Dots)

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Children’s Empowerment and Awareness Program

November 23, 2008

As a part of the World Aids Day programme I am directing a 30 min performance by the children of our NGO, the script of which has been written by none other than our own Karthik. This will be performed at an event organised by a teaching institution on that day. We have been conducting workshops with them (supported by Mythili, Karthik, Mukesh, Raghu, Rahul and Meenakshi) and encouraging many of them to participate in it. Also some of them will sing a Danish song taught by one of my friends from Denmark who is presently in Bangalore. We will also have an interactive session after this with the students of the institution, where we will answer questions about HIV/AIDS and related topics. There will be materials and models put up on display and some of the children will also interact in this session.
Since all the 200 children in the home will not be a part of this event, i am planning to take all of them out on a one day picnic post this event. The date for now is 14th December. According to the plan we will leave early in the morning. After pick-up we will directly reach Bannerghatta by 9am. There we will first have breakfast. In the meanwhile the safari will be arranged. Once the safari is completed, each volunteer will be given responsibility of 5-7 children. The volunteer has 2 hours to take the children around, show them the park, interact with them. They can spend the 2 hours fruitfully as per their discretion. By then we will all gather back for lunch. Lunch will be served in the park premises. We will have a film screening in the park auditorium. This time we might have the option of screening a childrens film instead of some wildlife documentary. After this we have a a group of theatre enthusiasts who will conduct certain activities for about an hour or two. This could again befor groups of 25 – 30 children. We wil wind up by this time and head back. On our way back there will be distribution of some snacks in the bus. This is a brief overview of the program.
Considering there will be 200 children, we will need atleast 25 volunteers. There will be a few support staff coming from the home too. The volunteers will need to dedicate the whole day starting from early morning. Also if anyone is interested in taking up the onus of getting certain things like some snacks or food or water etc. or contribute in any other way they can do so.  You know very well the requirements from the volunteers. They should be willing to spend time with children and take responsibility of the children during the safari and post that. If some are not comfortable with children then they can help out with the logistics. Looking forward to your support.

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November 15, 2008


“A Peek from the past” – my journey so far with Join The Dots……..

Theatre and Arts – Appreciating the Course to begin with!!

November 15, 2008

Dear art lovers, it s been a great pleasure and honour  to have been a part of the recently concluded Theatre and Arts Appreciation course. Sincere thanks to RangaShankara (read Arundati Nag) and gratitude towards the Conductor, so to say – Sadanand Menon. Blessed we were, as Aru maam rightly mentioned to have listened to the precious stories of the Whos Who in the Art and Music world.

It also gave us the opportunity to witness some of the most extraordinaly, meticulous, out of the world and simple theatrical performances. We could understand them better, having had discussions with the cast and crew of some of these plays.

The course has definately opened our eyes to the Art world (given a new perspective to those who already had their eyes open). Hope to keep the quest going and hoping to learn lots more.

Here are some photographs and briefs of a few of the plays we watched together.

The “Enlightened Souls”

The enlightened lot with our guide and mentor Sadanand Menon

The enlightened lot with our guide and mentor Sadanand Menon


Navroze Contractor Jazzing up the session

Navroze Contractor Jazzing up the session


Navroze Contractor shared some candid moments and experiences right from his childhood to his latest Bharat Parikrama.