Jodi… Jodi.. Odi…Odi… Mast Maja Maadi!!!!!!

Here is the update of the picnic which happened on 14th Dec. I think the pictures will speak for themselves and i wont say much.


 Thank you to everyone directly and indirectly involved in making this possible.

Meenakshi Mehta, Rahul George, family and friends, Dr Mythili, Dr Sudhindra, Mrs & Mr Kulkarni, Sunil Gaikwad, Satish NN, Karthikeyan Ramadas, Mukesh Ghatiya, Raghunandan Partha, Vishwas, Priya, Swaroopa Sahu, Afreen Fathima, Naveen, Harsha & Divya, Sheetal C, Arun M, Sujatha, Anveshi, Sumathi, Mangala, Mary, Neeraja Iyengar, Venkat.

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One Response to “Jodi… Jodi.. Odi…Odi… Mast Maja Maadi!!!!!!”

  1. abin Says:

    Dear Daya,

    I am not sure how I got these mails from you over a couple of months ago.. I thought it was a spam. Get lots of mails of this sort. I was surprised to see how much of fun you guys had during the picnic.. well I did not realize that there has been lots of work happening for the welfare of the kids around. Great to see ur community grow in numbers. I hope someday I too might be able to give a helping hand in your program..

    God bless you guys and the organisation which is promoting this noble cause.


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