Young India on Climate Change

We at the British Council have organised a program on the subject of “What does young Indian think about Climate Change?

British Council recently conducted a research in 4 cities in India covering about 800 plus young people (18 to 25) to find out what they really think about climate change. The research was conducted by A C Nielson.
Now we are ready with the research findings and we want to use this as a platform to initiate dialogue with the youth on this topic. We hope to create awareness and motivate them to take some concrete steps towards mitigating the results of climate change.
The event
A film on climate change (about an hour)
Sharing of research findings (5 minutes)
Panel discussion (50 minutes)



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One Response to “Young India on Climate Change”


    I am sorry I would not be able to attend this programme, since already fixed up to attend a function.
    I would not have missed this opportunity, had I been informed well in advance.
    However, I wish the programme a success and thank you for finding me worthy of participating in this kind of programme which is closest to my heart.

    Thank u once again and assure and promise you not to miss this kind of programme in future.

    I would like to place on record my apprecition for the good cause you are espousing.

    With regards,


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