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2 Responses to “dsc_0025”

  1. Lokesh M S Says:

    The walk was truly “Experience Extraordinaire”.
    Thank you Suresh Jayram and Dr Dayaprasad for providing a new perspective to the oft visited sites and sights of Lalbagh. Although I have visited Lalbagh many a time, I had not observed such a treasure trove till date.
    It was a great experience. For people who say that a smaller group would have been better, all I have to say is that good things are best enjoyed when you share with many.
    I hope to be involved in many such future programs.

  2. Biju Cherayath Says:

    Dear Suresh,
    After many years I got around to doing this walk around Lal Baag, You gave me the reason to do it. I think my favorite place is the 3oo year old tree- Awsome. Your enthusiasm and knowledge really brought out so many interesting facts to me, I think I really SAW Lal Baag for the first time.

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