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“Places I Like”

August 14, 2009

“Places I Like”

a photography exhibition

Fifteen Bangaloreans explored through the photographic medium the “Places They Like” in Bangalore under the guidance of German Photographer Stefan Koppelkamm as part of a workshop organised by the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore.

Exhibition Inauguration: August 14, 6.30 p.m
Exhibition on display: August 15 to 29 (9.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.)

The reasons why we live in a particular city or a particular area in a city, or why we frequent certain places are not necessarily the same as those used by a city to attract tourists or enhance its image. Every city has places which are of no great interest to tourists, buildings that are not memorials, residential areas that are not very prestigious, but where people feel at home notwithstanding. Places that play a role in collective memory, or places linked to individual lives, places with special spatial or social qualities.

Such places could be areas of the city, individual streets, squares and parks, or even stores, markets, cafés or the little cinema on the corner, with which the residents have a special relationship.

The objective of the workshop in the first place is to define the subjective and personal criteria that determine the “quality of life” in a city. The focus is more on the routine and normal, rather than the unusual. Social aspects of the city (neighbourliness, the presence of smaller stores and cottage industries, etc.) that are not immediately discernible to outsiders are more important than “good” architecture and design.

It could even help in making clear the qualities of certain places or buildings that have no lobby, and provide a defence against urban planning, that all too often is based on criteria alien to the residents of the locality.


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Bangalore 560 038
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Dayaprasad G Kulkarni, Deepti Jois, Mallikarjun Katakol, Peeyush Sekhsaria, Apurva Mathad, Aniruddha Ghosh, Rahil Arora, Rajesh Pandey, Ravi Shankar Kolara, Swarna Kumarswamy, Arnab Dey, Kusum Dhar Prabhu, Rajeev Malagi, Archana Venson, Jyothy Karat